One thing we have learnt in over 20 years of manufacturing and producing gift products, is that you can never rest on your laurels, you're only as good as your last produced product. Our ongoing motivation and determination to produce great products that everyone wants drives us to find exciting new ideas and new concepts. Through imagination and innovation our production team endeavour to create long lasting gifts that support the wellbeing of consumers and bring joy and happiness to the end user.

Our 'Just Cause' is to continually strive towards the development of great products that are sustainable and useful, and that are made from recycled products and that can be recycled. Our relationship with our customers is the bedrock of the company, we know that we must produce top quality gifts at competitive prices but on the back of this our ambition remains to build long standing, mutually beneficial relationships.

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We also produce music tracks and catalogues suitable for licensing. Many TV, Film and Radio Production Companies use Global Journey Music as sound tracks and sound bites. Our music is also used in Theatre and Stage productions and computer games.


News and Trade Shows

Global Journey Exhibit at all the major trade shows in the UK and also visit many of the shows in Europe, to support our current International Distributors, meet potential new distributors and conduct Market Research. Our work Internationally is supported and managed on a day to day basis by our Export Manager and the Export Department.

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How can I discuss business and place an order?

Click here to contact us. After you submit your enquiry one of our National Representatives will contact you to arrange a brief appointment and demonstration time and date. Alternatively you can contact the sales offices in the UK by

Telephone: 0161 872 0333. Internationally: +44 161 872 0333 and in the USA by telephone: Tel: 720.733.7700 Fax: 214-254-4843



StoreSound is your own branded radio station with excellent in-store music, no annoying DJs or irrelevant ad breaks.

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Extra Advantages! Avoid PRS/ASCAP/BMI!

The majority of the music tracks on Global Journey CDs are owned outright by the company. As both copyright and publication rights owners, retailers playing and selling only Global Journey music in store are exempt from paying for a public performance licence. To retail store owners this represents a significant saving, especially for multiple site owners.

About Us

Global Journey Music and Audio CDs offer the very best selling and most comprehensive selection of original CDs Worldwide. Our high quality music is composed and performed by leading professional musicians and artists who have worked for many of our mainstream recording stars, International Orchestras and for Film and TV. Our current music categories include Wellbeing, Relaxation & New-Age, World music, Nature & Music and Nature Sounds.

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