Music Displays

Our Interactive systems includes many exciting new features to enhance the ambience in your shop. Over the years we have listened to customer recommendations and incorporated these in our electronics. We think you'll notice the difference!.

Empress Touchscreen Stand

King touchscreen display

49 Premium Titles
(x 6 of each = 288 CDs)
Height = 180cm
Width = 78cm
Depth = 68cm

Music touchscreen display

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The Empress Stand provides a fantastic and interactive experience for your customers.

By pressing an album cover on the vibrant touch screen display they can listen to a selection from their chosen album whilst also being shown other albums they may be interested in.


Key Features

  • Powerful instant reaction to keypresses and selections.
  • Easy setup options.
  • Lighter, brighter screen to attract the consumer.
  • ‘You may also like’.
  • Both auto and manual scroll of extra titles.
  • Descriptive text for the current album.
  • Grouping by genres for easier location of your preferred music.
  • An extraordinary leap in technology.
  • Exclusive worldwide to Global Journey. Never seen before bespoke program

Queen Stand

Queen interactive music display

40 Premium Titles
(x 6 of each = 240 CDs)
Height = 180cm
Width = 75cm
Depth = 46cm

interactive music stand display header

Eye Catching Graphics

Our headers have been redesigned with bright new graphics featuring a montage of Global Journey's most popular audio releases

Sound Quality

Our sound systems have been developed for us by one of the best International speaker manufacturers. Enhanced 6 watt 12cm speakers are all quality tested and are designed to compliment the merchandiser stand acoustics. They are 70% more powerful than previous systems used.

interactive music display panel

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Not only do our stands provide a constant stream of wonderful music, they are a fantastic, interactive experience for your customers.

By pressing an album cover on the central panel they can listen to a selection from their chosen album.


About Us

Global Journey Music and Audio CDs offer the very best selling and most comprehensive selection of original CDs Worldwide. Our high quality music is composed and performed by leading professional musicians and artists who have worked for many of our mainstream recording stars, International Orchestras and for Film and TV. Our current music categories include Wellbeing, Relaxation & New-Age, World music, Nature & Music and Nature Sounds.

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