Relaxation & New-Age

Our relaxation and spa titles cover a huge variety of musical styles; some merged with nature and some without, some designed to induce sleep and some merely to chill out to but all performed by top quality musicians with years of experience in the industry. The Global Journey new age titles focus on relaxation but with a more spiritual ambience than other Global Journey titles. Themes such as Angels, Native American spirituality, meditative influences and Astrology abound in a broad spectrum of New Age concepts that engage the listener whilst also providing a transcendental audioscape.

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Classical Child 2CD

Two wonderful classical CDs for children.

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Mozart Mother & Baby

A new born baby benefits from music specifically played at sixty beats per minute as it mirrors the Mother's heartbeat, which the baby has become accustomed to during pregnancy. The other obvious benefit of serene classical music is the relaxation benefits for both mother and baby.

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It is now widely accepted that stress can cause many illnesses, both physical and mental and also can promote existing illnesses. Most people need to develop stress management techniques at one time or another and this excellent title can provide huge relief from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

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Fairy Garden

Enjoy your visit to the enchanted Fairy Garden, the sublime music of Keith Halligan guides you to this hidden sanctuary of Lavender, Poppies and of course Fairies. Sit down, relax and watch the Fairies tend their garden and let their innocence and free-spirit inspire and amuse you. Visit the Fairy Garden often and leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and with an inner calm instilled by your visit..

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Guardian Angel

In this hectic world we all need to find time to relax, unwind and soothe the body, mind and soul. The ethereal ambience of these wonderful harp compositions by Bethan Myfanwy Hughes will create the perfect soundscape for serene contemplation. To focus solely on our relationship with our divine guardians, who guide us down life's pathway, is as spiritually rewarding as it is relaxing.

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Global Journey Music and Audio CDs offer the very best selling and most comprehensive selection of original CDs Worldwide. Our high quality music is composed and performed by leading professional musicians and artists who have worked for many of our mainstream recording stars, International Orchestras and for Film and TV. Our current music categories include Wellbeing, Relaxation & New-Age, World music, Nature & Music and Nature Sounds.

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